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101 Things..

The other day while aimlessly surfing at work, I happened to come accross a list of 101 things to do before you die. After going through the entire list i realised a few things:

  1. You need to pretty rich to do about 90% of these things but then again I guess that the whole point of the list is to do them before you die and not before you turn 30 or 40 or die of boredom.
  2. I have done precisely 8 items in that list (Man, I have a long way to go)

So what have i done? Well here goes…

Some of the things in this particular list just don't interest me… there are some that I would like to do in addition.. but that shall be saved for another post.

Joga Bonito….

It begins….. Sweet!

The final straw

So… as this is my first post (at least on this brand spanking new blog), I shall answer some basic questions first so here goes:

The name
Anyone who has a brief knowledge of fine British comedy will know what I am talking about, for the ignorant this is where I got the name from.

Honestly, I have no clue. I used to have a blog earlier which I tried to keep anonymous but somehow people I know found out about it and were just lurking around it everyday (the sneaky bastards). So I shall be even sneakier this time… Ha…. 

So stay tuned… more to come ok…